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Mubarak Prayers 
( Invocations ) 


Muhammad Zuhair Albazi 

Translated By 
Prof. Dr. Mohammad Uzair 


All rights reserved 

Published by 
Jamia Muhammad Musa Albazi 

Head Off: Alqalam 13-D, Block B 
Samanabad Lahore Pakistan 
Phone: 042-37568430 
Cell #: 0300-4426440 



I dedicate this book to my father 
Shaikh-ul-Hadith wal Tafseer Maulana 

Muhammad Moosa Albazi 

( Rahimahullah-o-ta'ala ) 

He died on the 19th of October 1998. 
After he was buried in Mayani Grave yard 
Lahore, Pakistan. a perfumed smell 
started from his grave and spread out all 
over the area nearby. This perfumed 
smell continued for about eight months. 
Thousands & thousands of persons 
came to witness his grave and smelled 
the fragrance of paradise. Scholars says, 
according to the Islamic History, 
Maulana Muhammad Moosa Albazi is 
the third person from whose grave the 



fragrance of paradise came. 

Shaikh Muhammad Moosa Albazi had 
spent all of his life in teaching Hadith, 
Tafseer, Fiqh & in producing Islamic 
scholars (Ulama). He had written more 
than two hundred valuable Islamic 
books, most of them are in Arabic , some 
are in Persians Urdu. 

All of the prominent Islamic Scholars of 
this century confessed that the great 
books written by him appears to be an 
Art-Piece of Islamic knowledge & Arabic 
literature. Whenever his books were 
presented to Great Arab Scholars, they 
asked " Is the author of these books alive 
? Really he is the scholar of this century ? 
They said that from his research work & 
astonishing skill in Arabic literature, he 
appears to be a unique Islamic Scholar of 
several hundred years ago. 

The famous scholar & Imam of Masjid- 
ul Haraam (Makkah) Shaikh Muhammad 
Bin Abdullah As-Subayyel once said 

while addressing in a special meeting of 
Islamic Scholars "As you know the 
Islamic Scholars from all over the world 
come to visit me, but in my whole life I 
have not seen & met any Islamic Scholar 
greater in knowledge than Shaikh 
Muhammad Moosa Albazi". Shaikh 
Muhammad Bin Abdullah As-Subayyel is 
now the minister of matters concerning 
Masjid-ul-Haramain ( Makkah & 
Madinah ). 

The importance & greatness of his 
books can be recognized from the fact 
that his books were taught even during 
his life time in the Islamic universities of 
Pakistan & Iran. 

He produced more than 10,000 
scholars in his life belonging to different 
countries like Saudi Arabia, England, 
America, Afghanistan, Iran, India, 
Bangladesh, Uganda, South Africa, 
Pakistan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, 
Nepal, Kenya, Russia, Egypt, etc. 

The people of ages had long lives. Each one 
of them use to stay alive for hundreds of 
years. Believers used to get a lot of blessings 
by doing innumerable good actions in their 
long lives. 

Compared to them the ummah of the last 
messenger Muhammad peace be upon him 
has short lives. But it is the most dearest 
ummah to Allah, that's why He has bestowed 
upon them some special attributive actions, 
even though they are very small in practice 
but great in reward. And that is due to Allah's 
limitless mercy. 

"My mercy extendeth to all things" 
Al-Quran 7,156 
It is necessary for every Muslim to consider 
even a small good deed precious because it 
might become a source of forgiveness in the 
sight of Allah. We should consider even minor 
sins dangerous because they may take us to 
Hell. So we should try to avoid it. 
Imam Baqar (RA) gave some very precious 



advice to his son named Jaffer Sadiq (RA). 
He said, "My son, Almighty Allah has hidden 
three things in three different things. He has 
hidden His pleasure in good deeds, His anger 
in sin and His friends in general people. So 
never consider any good deed smaller in 
value. May be His pleasure is hidden in it. 
Never commit any sin by considering it minor. 
May be His anger is hidden in it, and never 
consider any human being despicable, who 
knows he might be the Allah's beloved & 
chosen one. 

It is narrated in a hadith that a sinful person 
was forgiven just because he had quenched 
the thirst ofadog. 

In another hadith, a bad person was granted 
Jannah because he removed only a branch 
full of thorns from a side walk. And a woman 
was thrown in the Hell because she had tied 
up a cat and later it died from hunger and 

May Allah accept this book and make it 
sadaqah jariah for me in this world & the 
world hereafter. Aamin. 

Muhammad Zuhair Albazi 

iffl September 9, 1996. 



O' listener, you have committed sins 
several hundred times and have 
seen the result. What's so wrong in 
doing good that you have never 
done it once? 


re* oe 

O' listener, you say that I'll ask for 
repentance in older age. But I fear 
that you might leave this world 
before that time. 

Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihi WaSallam 
said, whosoever reads this Dua 
(invocation) in morning and evening, it 
will be due on Allah SWT to please him on 
the Day of Judgement and send him to 
Jannah (Paradise). 

It is narrated in Tabrani, that Rasulullah 
said, "One who recites this dua, I 
guarantee that I'll hold the hand of this 
person and will take him into paradise". 

( Abu-Dawood, Tirmidhi, Nasa'i 
& Ibn Majah by Saubaan RTA ) 

Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam said, 
"Whosoever recites these wordings, 
Almighty Allah adds two million blessings 
to his account". 

During the month of Ramazan each good 
action is increased 70 times. Thus if these 
lines are recited once, the reward of 140 
million blessings will be written. The more 
is recited the more blessings will be 

( Al-Targheeb wal Tarheeb 



Blessings of 80 years worship 


It is narrated in a hadith that a person who 
recites this darood (salat on prophet ) 80 
times on Friday after Asr prayer without 
leaving the prayer area, Almighty Allah 
forgive his 80 years (minor) sins and add 
80 years blessings to his account. 
In the holy month of Ramzan the 
blessings increase by 70 times, & if a 
person reads this darood 80 times, five 
hundered years blessings would be 
added to his account and the same 
number of sins will be forgiven. 

( Sharh Al-Shifaa, Jaam-e-Saghir ) 

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said, whosoever 
reads this dua , 70 angels get busy to write 
its blessings for 1000 days. In Ramzan the 
blessings increase by seventy times so if a 
person reads it once in the holy month of 
Ramazan, 70 angels will add blessings in 
his account for seventy thousand days i.e. 
192 years. And if it is read 100 times in 
Ramazan then so much blessings will be 
given that 70 angels could not complete to 
write this much blessings in seven million 
days (i.e. 19178 years). 
So every Muslim should recite this Dua 

( Narrated by Tabrani in 
Al-Kabeer & Al-Aust ) 

Hadith : Any person who reads this Dua 
thrice before going to sleep, Allah washes 
away all his (minor) sins even though they 
are equal to the foam of the ocean or the 
number of stars or the number of particles 
of sand of a large hillcock or the number 
of the days of the world . 

(Tirmidhi by Abu Saeed) 


Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam said, 
"He who reads this Dua thrice in the 
morning, will be protected until evening 
and he who reads it thrice in the evening, 
will be protected until morning from all 
harmful things". 

(Tirmidhi & Abu Dawood) 


Hadith : The person who reads this Dua 
while leaving home will be protected from 
satan and everything that is harmful, until 
he returns and all his works will be 
completed for which he came out of home. 


It is narrated in a Hadith that the person, 
who reads Ayat-ul-Kursee after every 
obligatory prayers then only the death is 
stopping him from entering into Jannah. 


e Million Blessings, One 
Million sins are forgiven 

It is narrated in a Hadith that on reciting this 
Dua in bazar, Alimighty Allah adds one million 
blessings in person's account and forgives 
one million sins and raises his status upto 
one million levels and also builds a 

palace for him in Jannah. 
We should often read this Dua in bazar. 

( Tirmidhi, Ibn Najah ) 

It is narrated in a Hadith that after Maghrib 
prayer, before talking to someone, if a 
person reads this Dua seven times and 
then he dies the same night, will be 
protected from the fire of Hell forever. And if 
he reads it seven times after Fajr prayer 
before talking to anyone and dies in the 
same day, will be protected from Hell fire 

( Mishkaat from Abu-Dawood 



The person who reads this Dua before 

and reads this Dua after the food 
— I^f'" i^*T" i"i " 


will not be questioned about that food on \q>1 

the day of Judgement. If he forgets lyn 

Bismillah in the beginning, then the VS§) 
following Dua should be read in the middle. 

e C&& ^IJT^iu H p 

( Tirmidhi ) \Q\ 


To get rid of worries and for paying full 
loans, Prophet Muhammad (peace be 
upon him) advised people to read this Dua 
in the morning and evening. 

( Abu -Da wood 


The best action on the day 
of judgment 

It is narrated in a Hadith, the person who 
reads this Dua one hundred times, Allah 
forgives all his sins, even though they are 
more than the foam of the ocean. And a 
person who reads it on a daily basis, on the 
Day of Judgement no one could go higher 
in actions than him except who has read 
more or equal to him. 

( Muslim, Tirmidhi & Nasa'i 

Prophet Peace be upon him said that a 
person who attends a gathering full of 
useless talks, & then on leaving this 
meeting, he reads this dua, all of his sins 
committed during that meeting will be 

Normally in meeting with friends, sins are 
comitted like backbiting, jealousy. That's 
why we should read this Dua always 
before leaving such kind of meetings. 

( Amal-ul-Youm wal Lailah by Nasa'i ) 

It is narrated in a hadith that "La haula 
wala quwwata" , is a treasure from the 
treasures of Jannah & it is a cure for 99 
diseases and among those the least 
leveled disease (harm) is grief. 

( Amal-ul-Youm wal Lailah by Nasa'i & 
by Baihaqee in Da'waat-ul-Kabeer ) 

Abdullah bin Abbas RTA narrates from 
Prophet SAW that any one who reads this 
Dua 1000 times even once during his life, 
will be saved from the punishment of Allah. 
In the last day of his life, he would be called 
"Atiqullah" ( freed by Allah from Hell ) . 
This is a great blessing and fortune which 
can be acquired through the recitation of 
this short Dua. So every Muslim should 
practice it. 

( Narrated by labrani in Al-Ausat Sc 
Ibn-Mardawah, Majalis Sunniyyah ) 

*• ■ — ^ 

It is reported in a Hadith that any one who 
reads this verse of Qur'an 40 times during 
his sickness & then he dies during the same 
sickness, he will get the status of a Martyr 
and if he recovers then all of his sins will be 
forgiven. Similarly, if anyone faces some 
kind of hardship, problem or difficulty, it will 
be removed by reading this verse & also 
through this verse, all duas are certai 

( Al Hakim ) 


Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "On 
seeing someone who is suffering from 
some kind of sickness, problem, grief & 
difficulty then reading this dua will protect 
the reader from the same kind of problem, 
difficulty, grief or sickness till his death. 


( Tirmidhi ) 

Hafiz Najm Ghaity RA has narrated the 
story from Imam Abu Hanifa RA, that he 
saw the vision of Allah SWT in his dreams 
ninety nine times. Later it came to his mind 
that if this time I got the vision, I will ask 
Allah a question that how people can save 
themselves from your punishment on the 
Day of Judgement? 

Abu Hanifa RA says, when I saw Allah in 
my dream again, I asked the same 
question. Almighty Allah replied, "the 
person who reads this dua in the morning 
and evening on a daily basis will be 
protected from my punishment. 


1 jib J 

"T^ ^ \^ \ ' 

Prayer of 70 thousand Angels 

and once the following verse of Surah Al- 
Hashr in the morning and evening, 70 
thousand angels pray for his forgiveness 
from morning to evening and evening to 
morning, and if that person dies the same 
day or same night, he will be considered 
among martyrs. 

It is said by Prophet (Peace be upon him), 
the person who recites the complete Surah 
Al Ikhlas ten times, Allah SWT makes one 
palace for him in Paradise. On reciting 20 
times two palaces, on reciting 30 times 
three palaces are made for him. 

Omar RTA asked, "O' Prophet of Allah, 
then we can get as many palaces as we 
want". He replied, "The Kingdom of Allah is 
great" (i.e. there is no shortage in his 

(Narrated by Darmi and Ahmad) 

Six rakaat Nafl prayer after Maghrib are 
called "Awwabeen". It is reported in a 
Hadith, "A person who offers six rakaat 
after Maghrib prayer and does not use 
any abusive and indecent talk, will get 
the blessings equivalent to 12 years of 

According to the Scholars of Islam, 2 
rakaat sunnah of Maghrib prayer is also 
included in those six Nawafil. If this 
prayer is offered continuously for one 
year, the worship of 29160 years will 
be written for that person including the 
70 times increased blessings on every 
action in Ramadhan. 


( Tirmidhi ) 



The blessing of fast on the 
day of Arafah (Hajj) 

Sahl bin Saeed RTA narrates from 
Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam, 
that by fasting on the day of Arafat (9th 
Zilhijjah), Almighty Allah forgives a 
person's two years sins (one for 
present and one forfuture year). 
Also it is reported in Baihaqi, the fast of 
the day of Arafat is equal to the fast of 
1000 days. 

( Narrated by Abu-Ya'ala, Targheeb ) 

Prophet (peace be upon him) has said, 
the person who takes a bath on Friday, 
all of his sins are forgiven. When he 
walk towards the Masjid (Mosque), 20 
blessings are added in his account on 
each step and when he returns after 
completing prayer, blessings of two 
hundred years worship are added to his 

In another version it is stated that 20 
years blessing is written on every step 
who walks for Jumah prayer. 
It means in Ramadhan, on every step, 
blessings of 1400 years are given to 
that person. 


( Ahmad, Abu-Dawood & Tirmidhi ) 



Special Darood (Salat) to see 
P rophet (SAW) in drea m 

Famous scholar Shaikh Abdul Haque 
(Muhaddis Dahlawi) has written in his 
book "Targheeb Ahl-Sa'adaat", that a 
person who offers two rakaat Nafl on 
Friday night and reads in every rakaat, 
after Sura Al-fatihah, 11 times Ayat-ul- 
Kursi and 11 times Sura Al-lkhlas. And 
then after making Salaam reads 100 
times this certain Darood (salat on 
Prophet) mentioned below. Inshallah 
less than three Fridays, he will see 
Prophet SAW in his dream 

It is written in the books of Tasawwuf & 
Akhlaq, the person who reads 

70 thousands times, sets himself free 
from the Hell. It is also explained in the 
hadith that the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi 
Wasallam said, "The person who read 
"LA-I LAHA-ILLAL-LAH" seventy 
thousand times, has set himself free 
from the punishment of Allah. 

Scholars and Awliya-ullah follow this 
wazifa for themselves, their relatives 
and friends. It is written in the book 
"Majalis Sunniyyah", that a young pious 
man was very famous for Kashf (i.e. to 





see invisible world). One day he cried a 
lot and lost conscious in a gathering of 
scholars and Awliya-ullah. When the 
reason was asked, he told them, I have 
seen through Kashf that my mother has 
died & she is in Hell fire. 

In the gathering, another scholar 
says that I had already read that 
Kalimah 70 thousands times for my own 
benefit & safety. But by seeing the pain 
and grief of this young man, I gave all the 
blessings to his mother, without telling 
him, for her protection from fire. 
This scholar said, after a while this 
young man started smiling and told us, 
Alhamdulillah, just right now Allah has 
taken my mother out from the fire and 
entered her in to Jannah. 
This saint person said, "through this 
incident I got two benefits: 
Firstly, the strength and truthfulness of 
this Hadith of Prophet (peace be upon 

Secondly, I recognized the truthful status 
of that young man in Kashf. 
This incident shows that the above 
described process is correct & it is very 
much beneficial. So we should say this 
Kalmah 70 thousand times for 
ourselves and for our dead relatives & 

There is a great blessing of salat-ul- 
Tasbih. It is reported in a Hadith, that 
through salat-ul-Tasbih Allah removes 
all sins even though they are equal to 
the countless tiny bits of sand of a big 

Rasulullah SAW said, "Offer salat-ul- 
Tasbih every day, if it is not possible then 
once a week, or once a month or once a 

For salat-ul-Tasbih, Four rakaat salat 


must be offered. In those four rakaat, 
the following dua is read 300 times. 


Make the intention of four rakaat 
salaat-ul-Tasbih prayer. In first rakaat 
after Al-fatihah and surah, read this dua 
15 times, 

Go to ruku and read it 10 times after 

tasbih before getting up. 

In Qaumah (while standing & before 

going to prostration) 1 0 times, 

first sijdah 10times aftertasbih, 

In Jalsah (sitting between two sijdah) 

10 times, 

In Second sijdah 1 0 times aftertasbih, 
Sit down right aftersecond sijdah, read 



it 10 times, get up for the second rakaat 
and follow the same method. In each 
rakaat it will be read 75 times. 
Note: In 2nd and 4th rakaat of prayer 
this dua must be read before Attahiyat 

( Tirmidhi ) 

H Two things are desirable in the 
world, pleasant talk & a truthful heart. 
H O' Human being, Allah has 
created you for himself but you want to 
be belonged to someone else. 
H A human's life is like a burning 
candle in the wind. 

H It is strange that a person believe 
in Satan as his enemy but still obeys 

H Don't be so soft, which can be 
squeezed, neither so hard which can 
be broken. 

H The most difficult job in the world 
is self correction and the easiest one to 
criticize others. 

H It is strange that a person 
believes in hell fire but still commits 



H Feeling ashamed on sins washes 
them completely & becoming proud of 
good deeds demolishes (erases) them. 
H All creations fear from one, who 
fears from Allah. 

H If you want that your prayers are 
always accepted then don't put any 
doubtful food in your stomach. 
H Fire doesn't burn wood more 
quickerthan backbiting does blessings. 
H One who fears from Allah, does 
not take revenge. 

H Serve your parents. A look of love 
at both or any one of them, is equal to 
the blessing of an accepted Hajj. 
H A person who deceives others is 
himself deceived. 

H Every religion has a nature and 
the nature of Islam is modesty. 
H This world is a prison for a 
believer and a paradise for a disbeliever. 



® Ya Allah, Accept all of us in your 
path, make us true and pure practicing 
Muslims and believers. 
® Ya Allah, forgive all of our major 
and minorsins. 

® There is no other door except 
yours. Only you can straighten our 
directions & only you can show the right 
guidance to all mankind. There is 
nothing impossible for you. Certainly 
you can give guidance to all mankind in 
a blink of an eye. Nothing is beyond 
your power. We beg you to keep all of 
us on the right path and make us the 
means of guidance to all mankind. 
® Ya Allah, In this short life, give us 
the ability to do those works & provide 
those services which we should do & 
keep us away from those which are not 


good, neither permissible for us. 
® Ya Allah, we don't know how to 
beg you, grant us your special mercy 
and everything which is good & 
beneficial for us without begging. 
© Ya Allah, grant us the love and 
strength of Iman. Save us from all 

® Ya Allah, make us among your 
true obedient and thankful slaves. 
Accept our lives for the service of Islam. 
® Ya Allah, make this life and the life 
hereafter easy for us and grant us 
Janna-tul-Firdous. We know that we do 
not deserve it, Ya Allah but we know 
there is no shortage in your kingdom. 
Your kingdom is so great and if you 
forgive us and grant us Jannatul 
Firdous, nothing would be decreased in 
your kingdom. 

© Ya Allah, make us the pure and 
practicing scholars of Islam, and put all 
kinds of Kufrand Shirk down before our 


knowledge and actions and take those 
services of Islam from us which 
become continuous charity (Sadaqah- 
tul-Jariah) till the Day of Judgement. 
® YaAllah, wearevery weakand we 
cannot tolerate the fire of Hell 
(Jahannam), only you can save us from 
your punishment. YaAllah, forgive us & 
save us for the sake of your most 
beloved Prophet, Prophet Muhammad 
(peace be upon him). 
® Ya Allah, make it easy for us to 
follow your Qur'an and the Sunnah of 
your beloved Prophet (peace be upon 
him) and give us the strength and ability 
to implement this Qur'an and the 
Sunnah of your prophet in our lives. 




All rights reserved 

Published by 
Jamia Muhammad Musa Albazi 

Head Off: Alqalam 13-D, Block B 
Samanabad Lahore Pakistan 
Phone: 042-37568430 
Cell #: 0300-4426440